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An Ancient Story I'll Tell You Anon

(approx. 43 minutes total run time)

All voices by Julie Strozyk except where noted.
TitleSynopsisApprox. Length.mp3.wma
The Dutiful Daughter When the dutiful aren't quite dead ......
(15th century Italian)
11.13 min.    
The Apple Tree Man Even the Powers think the laborer is worthy of his hire!
(original poem)
4.57 min.    
Tamlyn Everyone should be careful what they ask for, be they human or faerie, for eventually....
(adapted from traditional sources)
(Harp & drum played by Bob Woods)
9.32 min.    
The Pious Hugonel Why did the chicken grow new feathers?
(original poem)
2.35 min.    
Featured story!

King John & the Abbot of Canterbury
To determine the true worth of a King....
(traditional poem)
('King John' spoken by Brian Russell)
5.55 min.    
St Peter & the Jongleur A dice-playing jongleur gets in trouble with the Devil!
(14th century French)
('The Devil' spoken by Brian Russell)
8.48 min.    

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